Reliable sample preparation in food technology

An efficient sample preparation procedure for rapid, reliable and reproducible analytical results is becoming increasingly important today. Ever more stringent requirements are being set both in research and production, e.g. for product monitoring and quality control.

Particularly in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries as well as in medicine a meticulous sample preparation procedure is a prerequisite for accurate analysis in order to be able to observe the given limits and tolerances.
The food industry depends on rapid and safe sample preparation techniques for production and quality monitoring in order to be able to intervene in running processes while losing as little time as possible. In such cases official and private food chemistry institutes and laboratories have an important key function in checking that food is generally recognized as being safe and pure.
Some sample preparation techniques with RETSCH mills are described below using a current topic as an example: the detection of acrylamide in foodstuffs. (...)

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